Friday, January 4, 2008

Time to Party!

The first thing we did after Nik and I got engaged, was to plan our engagement party. Well, my mom was actually throwing it for us, but she asked for my help.

I decided on a luau in early September. It took place in my mom’s backyard. Luckily the day was warm and beautiful. We had freshly cut and arranged flowers at every table and lots of small picture frames filled with pictures of Nik and I over the years.

We had lots of tables for everyone to sit and even in a big backyard, once the party got started - it was packed! The party officially started at 3pm and we had such a good time, that it did not end until 3am the next day!! We had a GREAT time :-)

Afterwards, we realized that we did not take very many pictures. We were too busy having a good time! But, here are some of the pictures that we did manage to take.

One thing I will never forget about my engagement party . . .

I could not for the life of me, decide on what to wear. I was so indecisive that I ended up buying 5 different outfits. I don't know whose brilliant idea this was (probably my mom), but I was convinced to change throughout the party so that I would eventually get to wear all of my outfits.

Actually, now it's coming back to me . . . it was my mom's idea. She said that celebrities do it at awards shows, and that the engagement party was all about me, so I should get to do it too, lol.

So, throughout the party - about every hour or so, I changed my outfit. I must admit, it was fun! But, after the third change, I decided I would not bother with the other two outfits - at least that was the plan.

Everyone was having a good time, running around, drinking, partying it up, when my drunk husband to be, came over and accidentally spilled beer on me. Guess, I'm changing again afterall, I thought.

Apparently a little beer wasn't enough though. As I'm walking back into the house, I run into Nik's crazy Aunt who is laughing and stumbling around. She asked what was wrong (I was a little upset to be wet) and I told her that Nik accidentally spilled his beer on me.

Well - being the crazy Aunt that she is - she laughed and threw her FULL glass of wine all over me. Then, she laughed some more!

No doubt about it that time - I definitely had to change!

Crazy Aunt may have drenched me with her wine, but at least I have a funny story to tell and luckily, it was white wine and not red!

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