Friday, February 29, 2008

Do you think they know?

So I wonder whether my coworkers suspect anything. I’m not “showing”, but my stomach is fuller. It’s a subtle difference when my clothing still basically fits the same way.

I wonder if going back and forth between the kitchen and the bathroom has tipped them off? Because you know, when pregnant, those are the two places you can’t see enough of. Your bladder only takes 20-40 minute breaks between bathroom stops, and your stomach is almost never satisfied. At least that is what I’ve experienced so far.

If my coworkers were paying attention, they might have noticed that: I leave the general vicinity whenever someone comes back from a smoke break (seriously – do you want me to throw up?), I am snacking on some form of food almost all of the time, I have to blow my nose 8 or so times during the day, I am constantly out of the office for doctor’s appointments or so that I can “work from home”.

I’m interested to see just what they’ll say when I do announce the news. I’m thinking someone – or maybe two – will feel that they absolutely must say “Oh, I thought so!!” Hey, at least no one has asked me yet if I’ve gained weight.

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