Tuesday, July 15, 2008

She takes my breath away

My new nickname for my daughter, at least while she is in the womb, is my little alien. Yes, it's weird. But I can't help thinking of the Alien movies when she is wiggling around in my belly. I don't know what in the world she is doing in there, but whatever it is, it feels from the inside very weird, and it certainly looks weird from the outside.

She no longer feels like a baby kicking, but some strange foreign object inside me that is using my uterus as an experimental bubble that she can test the limits of and try to break free from. Of course, an alien, or foreign object, is the furthest from the truth. Carrying her inside of me is the way it works and the way it is suppose to work. I am told that all of her moving around is preparing her for the world outside the womb.

What I'm feeling though does seem quite odd, but it is fun to see and feel what she will do next. And being able to feel her throughout the day, although sometimes uncomfortable, is amazing. I love always knowing that she is there and of course feeling her move around makes me feel like she is healthy and safe. She takes my breath away . . . actually, she literally takes my breath away.

Did you know that when pregnant, your lungs are constricted and actually don't fill up with oxygen as much as they otherwise could? Since that little girl in there needs all of the room she can get, my lungs have graciously given up part of it's internal body space for her. So now, as she gets bigger, and until she "drops", I always sort of feel like I'm not getting enough oxygen. (If you hear me huffing and puffing, you'll know why!) So, Christina has already learned to take my breath away, and she hasn't even been born yet. What a girl! :-)

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