Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Daycare Evaluation

When Christina first started daycare, I said I would give it some time before fully evaluating the situation. Christina has now been going to daycare for a couple of months. She has missed a handful of days due to illness, but overall I think she and I now have enough experience to decide how we feel about it.

It is obvious that Christina enjoys her time at daycare. I know she enjoys the interaction with the other babies and with the teachers. She likes to sit at the table and play with all of the toys they have, she likes the different swings they have and she likes her crib there as well.

Christina also seems to enjoy her daily routine on the days she goes to daycare. She gets lots of cuddle time with Daddy in the morning while Mommy gets ready. Sometimes when Mommy is taking longer to get out of the house, she even gets to watch a little Baby Einstein. She gets to take a nice nap in the car ride over or she will just enjoy the scenary on the way. I always get to spend time with her on my lunch break, which she always seems happy about. When I'm not there, there is always something entertaining going on, so she never gets bored. Then, before you know it, I am back at the end of the day to nurse her and get her ready to leave.

It is a huge relief that Christina loves daycare. I am also grateful that the daycare is just up the road from where I work. I get to see a lot of her on the days when she is there. It is very reassuring that I can run over at any time to see her.

Spending more time at the daycare also means that I get to know the teachers a little better and I get to see how they work. I feel pretty confident that they will and are taking good care of my little girl. Would I prefer to leave Christina with a family member? Of course. But that doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with daycare. I still get a little pain in my stomach when I have to drop her off on a day when she hasn't been there in awhile. I miss her and sometimes I hate to leave her. But, as long as they are keeping her safe and happy, that is what is important.

Today I was over there on my lunch break and Christina was being adorable as always. We were playing on the floor and I snapped a few pictures with my phone. Take a look . . .

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