Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Less than a week to go

Christina had a great birthday. My little two year old got like a million Dora related birthday gifts, plus a bunch of dress up jewelry and bubbles. She loved her birthday cake and Grandma and Granddad got to see much of the party via Skype. It was a success.

The house is really coming along. We love it here and still can't believe that we own such a big and beautiful house. There is still more unpacking to do, but not much. There is nothing on the walls yet because I haven't figured out what to put where. That is my next project. We have bought a lot of stuff for the house, but there is still so much more we want to get. It will have to come slowly though. Even as things are now, I am so happy with how everything looks. The girls have such a big room. I have mostly been working on organizing that room. The guest room is pretty much done as well.

We had our first out of town guest recently, which was cool. My sister Rachel was able to come for Christina's birthday. Grandma and Granddad are coming in October and then we have more family coming for Thanksgiving and for Christmas. It is so exciting that we have the space to actually have a house full of out of town guests. I am looking forward to the holiday's in this house.

By the way, did I tell you the awesome news?? My sister Mindy (the one that got married in June) is pregnant!!! Yay Mindy and Chris!!! This is such awesome timing for me since now I live near by. Unfortunately Mindy is going through the morning sickness that I had with both my girls, but I am really hoping that it passes for her soon. I know first hand how miserable it is.

So, I have my girls that live three doors down from our cousin Evie (9 months older than Christina), we have our newest little cousin Gracie (congratulations Garrett and Alaina!!!) and my sister has a bun in the oven . . . lots of little kids joining our family. We have four girls now so I am dying to find out if Mindy is having a boy or a girl.

Speaking of my little girls, Christina is enjoying going to daycare with Evie even though they aren't in the same class. They get to play together on the playground so that is nice to know. Gwen is going to be starting daycare on MONDAY! I am super anxious about that. I start back at work on Monday and didn't want to start Gwen any sooner than I had to. I'm sad that she has to go to daycare at such a young age, but as my Mom says, it will probably be harder on me than on her.

I'm a little nervous about going back to work as well. Although I will be working on the same old New Jersey projects, I will still be in a new office with a new boss and new coworkers. I'm told by the office manager that I won't be alone as a nursing Mom though. Apparently they are very family friendly, which is a big relief. I will be pumping a few times a day, so I'm glad that they will be understanding of that.

Since this is my last week home, I've got to get as much done as possible because things will probably be out of control and completely crazy for awhile. I have to get use to getting up really early to get the kids to daycare and get to work. I also have to work at getting dinner cooked quick enough to get Christina in bed at a decent hour. I'm sure we will be in a good routine soon enough. Luckily Gwen is so easy going that I don't have to worry about her. She has even been sleeping through the night!! By sleeping through the night though, I am using that in terms of the official definition - sleeping five hours or more straight. It isn't like she is sleeping twelve hours like her sister, but five hours is pretty damn good at less than three months old. Christina definitely didn't sleep that well at this age.

Ok, well it is time for me to get to bed. I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend. Adios summer. I don't know about you but I am totally looking forward to the fall weather.

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