Thursday, December 1, 2011

And she speaks

Gwen is having a verbal explosion! 

Over the last two weeks, she has said several new words including:  bubbles, hi, bye, no, poo-poo, shush, nose, eye, cup, cheese, stinky and cupcake!  These new words are added to her current vocabulary of: Dad, Daddy, Mama, look, don't touch, thank you, duck, dog, more, quack, out, up, down, yes, uh-oh, hot, and gentle.  At least I think that is all of them.

It is amazing that she is saying so many new words.  It seems like there is a new one every day.  Her favorite by far is "no".  She said it once and was hooked.  Now the answer to every question I ask is "no".  I think she gets it from her older sister.  She loves to try to control the situation.  The only consistent yes I can get is when I ask her if she wants food.  Pajama's, bed, come here, stay there . . no, no, no and no.  Sometimes she says no and then runs away.

It is really cute to hear her speak so often and pretty cool that she can verbalize her opinion, even though I think half the time she just says no just because she can.  While learning this behavior from Christina is definitely not a good thing, she has also learned from Christina that timeout sucks.  All I have to do is ask Gwen if she wants to go to timeout and normally that stops her in her tracks.  I'll take the good and the bad.

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