Saturday, August 17, 2013

Christina's Pre-K Graduation

Last Wednesday, Christina started Kindergarten (my big girl!). So far it is going great, more on that to come though.

In May, CC graduated from Pre-K and I finally had the chance to put some of the video up here. I have to say that she was super excited to graduate Pre-K. She loved practicing the songs that they would sing and she absolutely loved wearing her cap and gown. She had really great friends in her class and enjoyed the year. Christina's teacher says that she is a very smart little girl, but she is a little unsure of her self. She often hesitates and says "I don't know" to things that she really does in fact know. She has learned so much over the year from writing her name to sight words and so much more. Even though she was the youngest in her class, she certainly didn't show it. Oh sure, sometimes she had trouble listening or staying quiet, but she still learned everything she needed to learn while in Pre-K.

In her yearbook, under Pre-K Superlatives, Christina was listed as most talkative, loudest, shortest, and 5 going on 40, which is funny because she is only 4. She definitely is all of those things. She has a presence that you can't ignore and she is still trying to transition from having fun and running around with her friends, to sitting down, learning and listening. Her teacher thinks that she is absolutely ready for Kindergarten, which is great to know since she does techincally have the ability to stay back a year due to her age.

Unfortunately, Christina was seated all the way in the back for the actual Pre-K graduation. It was difficult to see her and most of the songs they sang, you can't see her in the video except maybe the top of her forehead. I won't post most of those. I'll start with one that is a little long, but towards the end, Christina has her own chance to shine since they go one by one through all of the kids.

After this, the kids get their cap on and come down the aisle, which is what you would expect at the beginning but for some reason they didn't do it that way. You can't really see Christina come down because of all of the people, but she gives us a nice smile and wave when she gets on stage :-)

Lastly, here is another cute song that they did. Christina's friend Angela gets things going. Other parts of the graduation that I'm not posting, include a slideshow of the kids from the year and a handful of songs including "You are my Sunshine" where they all have sunglasses on (very cute), "We've got the whole globe in our hands", "We're so Happy" to the tune of "If you're happy and you know it", "Me I am", and another cute song that goes like this: 
I've been having fun at preschool, learning all year long 
I can tell you all about it, 
just listen to our song 
We've been learning shapes and colors; 
letters and numbers too 
I've learned how to share with others, 
and now our year is through! 

And now another milestone is complete and Christina is off to Kindergarten!

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