Thursday, December 13, 2007

Getting Engaged

Operation get Nik and Megan married was a success. Not because my family was so darn convincing, lol, but luckily for me, it was because Nik didn’t need convincing. All he needed was a little time and money.

He looked at rings for months, even before he had enough money to get one. Finally, when he found the right ring and the price was right, he bought it.

Having the ring was only the first step for him. First he called my parents individually and asked for my hand in marriage (how sweet!!), then he tucked the ring away in a safe place and he waited for the right moment.

He wanted everything to be perfect, but he couldn’t figure out how or when he should propose. So he waited . . .

In the meantime, I kept getting these weird phone calls from my mom. She would say “Anything going on?” or “Do you have anything to tell me?” in a very suspicious way. I didn’t suspect that Nik was about to pop the question, but I did think something weird was going on. Maybe my mom was going crazy, I wasn’t sure, but I knew it wasn’t normal.

In the end, I’m glad no one tipped me off. And let me tell you, my mom is the worst person to tell a secret to! I’m honestly surprised the second she hung up the phone with Nik, she didn’t call me and say “I have something REALLY big to tell you!!”

So, clueless as I was, one day I was coming home from work in the city (NYC). It was an orange alert day and the commute was a nightmare. When I got home I was so worn out that I fell asleep on the couch. A couple of hours later Nik bursts into the apartment calling out my name, then “Where have you been?! Why haven’t you answered your phone!!! I’ve been so worried about you. I thought something happened to you!”

I guess after 9-11, when you work in the city, people are bound to get worried about you if you don’t answer your phone for a couple of hours. Well, I reassured Nik that I was fine, apologized, and told him I had fallen asleep. I was so sorry I worried him.

Something about that scare jolted him. It hit him right there, he realized that the time was right to ask me to marry him. If something had happened to me, he would have missed the chance, all because he was waiting for the perfect moment. No more waiting, he decided. So, he went to get the ring.

I don’t really remember what he said. It was something to the effect of, I have something to ask you. It’s all kind of a blur. But, I do remember that as soon as I saw the box, I said “No way!! That box is empty right? You’re just joking right?” He was known for trying to pull one over on me (and everyone else, for that matter), so it wouldn’t have been far fetched. I guess as much as I wanted it to happen, I just couldn’t believe it was actually happening at that moment, in our living room.

Nik got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I jumped up and screamed YES, with excitement. I didn’t cry, although I was pretty surprised about that, but I had a smile plastered across my face for days.

That was definitely the first “happiest day of my life” and lucky for me, “the happiest day of my life” has continued with our wedding day and hopefully one day, it will continue with the birth of our children.

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  1. I still can barely believe it! I'm so happy for you guys. What a sweet story, I hope I have one similiar someday :)


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