Thursday, December 13, 2007

Operation – Get Nik and Megan married

So Nik and I had lived together for about two years. We were in a new apartment, we both had good jobs, and we had been together for about five or six years. Marriage was something brought up quite often. Nik got grilled from my parents, my siblings, and any other family member that could get a word in.

It wasn’t so much that they wanted to pressure him, or that they felt like it was just about time that we tied the knot, I think it was more about the fact that they all loved him and they wanted to secure him in their lives for themselves.

You know how women want to get married so that they have their man committed and can declare them theirs forever? Well, I think that is what my family was doing. They wanted a commitment out of him, they wanted to make sure he wasn’t going to walk out on THEM.

I swear my family loves him more than they love me. It’s obvious that if we were ever to break up, they’d have a broken heart just like me. So trying to push Nik into marriage was the only way they could make sure Nik wasn’t going anywhere.

After all, if he didn’t marry me, who was going to make jokes at the dinner table? Who was going to get everyone drunk and dance around to music we wouldn’t be caught dead listening to (think Backstreet boys and Nsync). Who is going to cheer my sister up when she is feeling down (he is the only one capable of this!), who is going to convince all of the family to get together and party at home instead of hanging out with friends, who would be the glue that kept us all together? Nik had to stay!

And so, operation, get Nik and Megan married began! Hey, I couldn’t complain, I wanted to get married :-)

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