Thursday, November 29, 2007

Moving In

After coming back home and transferring to a school nearby, things between me and Nik began to grow stronger. That is – after the bumpy start.

Every time we saw each other we grew to be just a little more comfortable. Then, eventually, everything just seemed right.

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, until one day we were moving in together.

I have to say, Nik didn’t exactly do it willingly though. One minute he was going to move in, the next he wasn’t, then he was looking at apartments with me, and then I was moving in alone.

Emotionally and financially, his decision hurt me. Since he spent all of his time there anyway, I started laying the guilt on real thick. “Why should I pay for all of the bills, when you practically live here too?” Well, push came to shove and not even two months after I moved in solo, he joined me.

Did I feel guilty? Nope! :-) But, I have to admit it was nice to hear (about a year later) directly from his lips, that moving in with me was the best decision he ever made. Can you believe a GUY actually said that! Of course he denied it later in public . . . typical! But, yes he did admit it to me and I have to say that those words made me realize that guilting him into moving in with me was the right thing to do for our relationship.

Most people say that you don’t know someone until you live with them. Many people also say that the first year living with a significant other, is the hardest. I have to say though, that in our case, that didn’t apply.

Of course I spent a lot of time yelling at him because he used a new towel every day, and always left the wet one on the floor. I yelled that he couldn’t pick up after himself and that he never wanted to help with garbage or god forbid – the dishes!

But, it didn’t phase either of us. Why? I don’t know, maybe because we were just meant to be together. Maybe there is nothing wrong with a little fighting in a relationship. After all, aren’t there hundreds of couples breaking up because they have no passion, they feel stuck or bored? I don’t think we’ll ever have that problem. We certainly didn’t have to look outside the home to find a little excitement in our lives.

So, no, that first year wasn’t hard at all. But, the second year . . well, it was hard for him. I’m pretty sure it was my bright idea to get Nik a job where I worked. Actually, it might have been his idea, but I know I didn’t discourage it.

Soon, we were together every minute of every day. We drove to work together, we worked 9 long hours together – in the same room no less, we drove home together, and we lived every other second of the day at home together.

It actually didn’t bother me. But, boy did it bother Nik! I guess I’m just not so great when you can’t get a break from me, lol.

Luckily we fixed that problem and eventually we both got different jobs.

And that’s where I leave you for today.

Happy Holidays! Please come back soon and read my next blog entry! Next time I’ll try to get some more pictures up here. It is, afterall, suppose to be a photo blog. :-)

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