Friday, November 16, 2007

Poetry Corner

My Dad just sent me this poem that he wrote and I just had to post it.
Tell me what you think . . .

Bill Gates is my hero

but, I hate today’s technology
(just a minute while I shut off my cell)
this computer we bought has too
many glitches
(but a slammin’ screen)
Walmart has 64 inch blue ray tv’s
with t-vo hooked
(did you see that play!!!! unbelieveable)
I mean does anyone have one on one
conversation anymore,
After all, who is on your five,
and I just can’t figure out this damn mp4
ubiquitous subway accessory
(where did I put my daughter’s)
What happened to the boom box?
I saw a guy in tears the other day,
seems his blackberry got stepped on
wonder if he got screwed up with the time
My clock, preset
decided it was time to switch off
from daylight saving
All I know is, we need to, like
slow down and smell the double espresso
(while hearing everyone else’s ringtones)
either that or play a mean game of Halo
(or guitar hero)
next thing you know,
they’ll come up with a car
that can park itself!

mh 11/07

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