Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My little piggy

Well, Christina is definitely making up for lost time. In addition to nursing regularly, she is also taking bottles of breastmilk mixed with formula. With all of that food, she is now gaining weight like a champ. It is incredible how much she is eating. She is eating much more than babies her age usually eat, but I'm sure that is just because she has to play catch up for awhile. I can tell that she is getting heavier and her cheeks are getting more and more full. She is as adorable as ever of course and each day she seems to be doing more things to win over mommy and daddy's hearts.

Nik and I are pretty much obsessed with taking pictures of her. I hope the flash doesn't do perminant damage, because often I will snap pictures of her over and over again. She is just so darn cute. I love digital photos. Digital photos make it possible for me to document her life, every second, if I wanted. :-)

Ok, so here are some of the newest:

My little darling -

Practicing her scary faces for Halloween I guess :-)

"What's that Daddy??"

"Hmph, now where's that milk?"

"Oh no you don't little girl, you are too cute for your own good!"

"Mmmm . . Yummy"

"Hmph, those dogs are weird"

"Mommy thinks I'm so cute"

Here are some older pictures that I never posted:

Christina loves to do different things with her hands while she sleeps, here are some of her many poses:

"Yo, Yo, What's up?"

"Oh my!"

"That's ok with me"

"I'm just a hula girl"


  1. i can see that she is getting fuller cheeks :) yaaay i'm so glad that shes finally gaining some weight for you guys.

  2. she is such a beautiful baby

  3. She is so frikkin cute, I can't wait to smush her!!!

  4. ADORABLE. I love the YOYO WASUP. that's so nik. HAHA miss you guys... i MUST come visit soon....


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