Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My poor baby

Things have been pretty crazy lately. Just when I thought I had a good night time routine down for Christina, she decided that she did not like it. Two nights in a row, she absolutely refused to go to sleep at a reasonable time and in her crib. I've heard babies keep you guessing, so I guess this is her first chance to show Mommy who is really in control. Luckily, I don't give up easy :-)

Last night would have been the third night in a row that she wouldn't go to sleep, but we had much bigger problems to deal with than that. Christina was entitled to all of the fussiness she wanted yesterday because it was a very big day for her.

Yesterday morning, she finally got her tongue-tie corrected. My lactation consultant recommended an oral surgeon that she works with. He was great and agreed to help out with our situation.

Christina did really well with the procedure. The Doctor made Nik and I wait in the waiting room, which was pure torture, but I understand why. The last thing he needs are two upset parents in the room while she is crying. Of course she cried. She had to be restrained :-( But, the actual procedure was only 30 seconds and Nik and I were only out of the room for a total of five minutes while they got set up, and then clipped it. They actual used a laser and it didn't even bleed.

The Doctor said Christina was very cooperative for a baby her age. So, that was good. She also seemed to get over the experience quickly. I think the most upsetting part was just being restrained.

The Doctor said he used something to numb the area before doing the procedure, so her tongue might still be a little numb afterwards. But, he said she shouldn't feel any pain.

Nik and I thought all was well, and went home feeling relieved that it was all over. Christina was exhausted and slept for most of the afternoon.

Unfortunately, when she woke up, my poor baby was in so much pain. She pretty much would not stop crying for more than a few seconds at a time. I tried to feed her, but it seemed too painful for her.

Nik and I tried everything to calm her down, but nothing worked. Finally, we gave her some infant Tylenol. Eventually, she fell asleep again. When she woke up, she was still in pain. But, thank goodness, by the second dose of Tylenol she was able to finally eat without any pain.

I did not attempt to put her in her crib last night. She stayed up with Nik and I, then she slept in our room. We wanted our baby close to us, and didn't want her more upset than she already had been.

Thank goodness, today she is back to her old self. She has been nursing really well and having fun with her new tongue. I am so glad it is over and hope that getting this done pays off for her.

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