Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Next stop, tooth fairy

We just got back from our trip to Georgia with Christina. Overall it went really well. Christina seemed to handle all of the craziness as if it was an everyday routine. We didn't have much time to visit everyone, so we were constantly in and out of the car, but she didn't mind. In fact, she napped every time.

The flights to and from went pretty well also. Going through security is pretty chaotic: taking off shoes, belts, jackets; taking CC out of the carseat and putting both the carseat and stroller on the belt; taking the laptop out; taking all of the bottles and liquids (tylenol, gas drops, etc) out. Even in all of the chaos though, Christina was an angel. She slept the entire plane ride home too. I can't say the same for the way there, but she was still pretty good. She cried just a little during takeoff because she didn’t want to suck on anything and I'm sure her ears hurt. She had an explosive dirty diaper right before we took off, but that didn't stop her from falling asleep and staying that way for thirty minutes --eeeww. When she finally woke up, the seat belt sign was off, so I was able to change her. The worst part of the trip was the fifteen minutes I spent in that tiny bathroom. Christina was not a big fan of laying naked on a hard, cold surface while I wiped her from head to toe. When it was all over and we were back in our seats, she was back to her usual self.

The best part about the trip was visiting all of our friends and family. Christina got some face time with other babies for the first time and although she didn't seem to care much, I thought it was pretty cool. She met her cousin Evie for the first time and my best friend's children Donovan and Gemma. The two girls are just over a year old and Donovan is almost three. It will be exciting when Christina is a little older and she can really play with them.

Unfortunately, I totally forgot to take pictures for most of the trip :-( I took a couple the first night and then after that, nothing. I guess it was all of the running around. But, I still have pictures to post from Christmas and I really need to get off my butt and get them on here. That is on the top of my blog to do list, except for one piece of totally important news . . . Christina is getting her first tooth!!

She was very cranky yesterday and we weren't sure why. I thought she might be teething, but Nik didn't think so. Low and behold, this morning there is a tiny little white tooth coming up on the bottom, right in front. It is so exciting!

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