Saturday, December 19, 2009

My 15 month old

-Says "Auntie" when she points to a picture of Auntie Rachel and Auntie Cassie.

-Can point to her nose (most of the time) when asked "Where is your nose?" and can always point to Daddy's nose when asked "Where is Daddy's nose?"

-Wants to get down and walk around when I am walking the dogs. But since she still doesn't walk much on her own, this means I have to hold her hand which can get a little tricky since I am also holding the dog leashes and trying to keep them from knocking her down.

-Sometimes calls the dogs "Bad Dog" because she hears it from me all of the time.

-Says the word "gentle" and totally knows what it means. Yet that doesn't stop her from beating me and Nik up from time to time. She gets very excited and lets her hands go flying.

-Still loves daycare soooo much! When I pick her up, she is happy to see me. She gives me a smile and a squeal, then she continues with her playing. Most of the time she even runs away from me (i.e. crawls very fast) because she doesn't want to go home. I guess daycare, or "school" as we call it, is just way more fun than our boring old house.

-Loves to feed herself using a spoon or fork, but she still can't be trusted to hold the plate/bowl/jar. I usually help her manuver the spoon/fork into the food and she does the rest.

-Says "Mama" like a million times a day.

-Insists on pushing her food off of her tray and onto the floor whenever she doesn't want it. When she was at Grandma's recently and started to do that, Grandma said "No Christina, don't throw your food on the floor". Christina pointed to the food on the floor and said "Dog". (Knowing full well that the dogs always clean up after her lol). Grandma then reminded Christina that the dogs are not at her house and Christina stopped throwing food on the floor! :-) If only it were that easy to get her to listen to me sometimes.

-Found a midway point between crawling and walking. She now spends a lot of time walking across the room on her knees. She wants to keep her hands free, but she doesn't want to deal with her wobbly legs.

-Is finally starting to eat real food. Whenever she sees me eating pasta, she always wants some. She also stole a pop tart from me recently. I was very surprised.

-Absolutely loves fruit (blueberries, banana's, strawberries, honey due, cantalope, etc). It is definitely her favorite food group.

-Loves to say "baby" and points out babies whenever she has the chance.

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