Friday, July 9, 2010


It has been several years since we decided that we want to move to Georgia and yet, we are still here, in New Jersey, specifically, in our 1 bedroom (plus an "office") condo. With an infant, a toddler and two dogs, this place is just way too small.

A month ago when we were in Georgia for my sisters wedding, I thought moving was never going to happen. A week later, Gwendolyn was born and the very next day Nik got an interview for a position in Georgia. Three interviews over two weeks and finally he got the news that he was transfering and starting in Georgia THREE WEEKS later. Three years trying to get there and three weeks notice to do it. Wow.

So, needless to say, I have been busy. We got really lucky and found a foreclosure house even before Nik got the official word on the job. Now we are under contract on a roughly 300k house for 189k! This house is bigger than what we expected to get, is only five years old, and it is three doors down from my cousin John, his wife Anna and their daughter Evie. Evie is the cousin that is only nine months older than Christina. So, yeah, this is gonna be awesome.

Day in and day out I have been signing documents, planning the move, and packing. Thank goodness that I am on maternity leave because let me tell you, buying a house and moving across the country in three weeks is a full time job.

In between all of the craziness involving the move, I have been watching my little Gwendolyn grow. It is really amazing how much she has changed in just a measly month. I need to dedicate an entire post to her, but thought I needed to share the news on the move first. Christina also continues to amaze me. She is talking soooo much and showing everyone just how smart she is. I have a couple of funny stories to tell you about her as well. Stay tuned.

Here is our new house:

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  1. Wow Meg that house is HUGE and looks awesome. Can't wait to see the inside!


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