Tuesday, August 24, 2010

CC and Gwen - 2 years and 2 months

Christina is going to be two years old on Sunday. Her vocabulary is in full bloom and her personality just keeps getting better. She is friendly, social, funny, sweet, and more. She is the most entertaining and the most beautiful toddler I have ever seen. She also has a ton of energy as most toddlers do and can wear out anyone. She gets cabin fever really easily and absolutely loves the outdoors.

Christina is such a girly girl, loves shopping and absolutely loves all accessories. She can spend hours playing with pocketbooks and especially loves to put them on and wave bye bye as she walks around. She always needs to have her sunglasses nearby, doesn't wear them much but loves them and needs to have them with her. She loves hair ties and bows and normally is more than willing to let someone do her hair - although sitting still is not her strong suit (understatement of the day!). She also loves shoes and I can tell this girl is already going to cost us a ton of money because Daddy of course is willing to buy her anything she asks for.

Christina is turning into such a funny little girl. She copies all of the funny things her Daddy does and it is really cool to see how she "gets it". Of course, she is a sponge and she mimicks much of what we do (and Dora as well!). Sometimes when we want to go somewhere and Christina doesn't want to come with us, we try to fake her out by saying bye and walking away. Of course she always gives in and runs after us. Well, at Best Buy a couple of weeks back, she pulled that same trick on Nik. She kept pulling his hand, trying to get him to follow her. Finally, she gave up, said bye-bye and ran off. She can be such a little stinker sometimes and it is so cute. The terrible two's, on the other hand, are not so cute. She sure loves to scream for pretty much any reason at all.

CC has started putting her hands down her diaper randomly (yuck!) and even takes off her diaper when she feels like it. In fact, we found her diaperless in her crib a couple of times and once she had even peed all over herself and her baby doll. I think it is time to switch to pull ups. Since she asks to sit on the potty all of the time as well, it seems like she is ready to start potty training.

Gwendolyn is now two months old and I can't believe how fast the time has gone by. She weighs almost ten pounds now and considering that her due date was not that long ago, I'm convinced she would have been a pretty big baby if she was born on time. I still don't know why she came early, but thank goodness it all worked out for the best. I have no idea what I would have done if she was born on time and we had to move a week later. Nik would have had to go without us and that would have really sucked.

Gwen is sporting her current dark brown hair which Nik is convinced will fall out to make room for blonde hair. Her beautiful dark blue eyes seem to be staying put for now. She hiccups regularly like most babies do and she doesn't like it. She shares with Nik the fact that when she sneezes, she will do it over and over again. It is pretty interesting that she does this because other than Nik, I have never met anyone to do this each and every time they sneeze. Other than her hiccups and sneezing, she is usually a pretty happy baby. Occassionally you can tell that she gets uncomfortable because of air bubbles and gas. I guess because she is a premie she has some digestive trouble. She has acid reflux as well which causes her to spit up. But, since she is gaining weight so well, the spitting up is not a problem.

Gwendolyn is smiling so much lately and she seems to be such a sweet little girl. She makes funny faces all of the time, especially the Zoolander face. She sleeps great once you get her going, but most nights it takes a couple of hours to get her to sleep. Luckily when she wakes to eat she nurses without really even waking up, so it doesn't take any effort to get her back to sleep.

Both kids are doing pretty well with the move. I have so much to tell you about, but really haven't had any time. I know, I know, excuses, excuses. I will hopefully tell you about our three day drive from NJ to GA, staying with amazing family members when we got here, and getting the house ready to move in. But first, I'll try to get some pictures in my next post. I hope everyone is enjoying the rest of their summer! Bye for now.

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