Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy birthday to me!

Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday dear MEEEEEEE, Happy birthday to me!

Today is the day, the big day, the BIG 3-0! Goodbye twenties and hello thirties!

I'm not sad that I'm "getting old" and I don't feel like I'm getting old. I have a wonderful family and I am very lucky. Today I have off work and tonight I'm going to the Ke$ha concert. This weekend hubby is throwing a party for me and so I know that this is going to be a good birthday.

When I turned 17, my Dad wrote a really sweet poem for me that I'd like to share here. It has even more meaning to me now that I have little girls of my own.


Today I looked up to find,
Surely I must have lost my mind.
For I see a calendar which reminds,
Of the many years I must now rewind.
For today is for my (once) little girl,
Now first of three, the oldest pearl.

Today I'm reminded of rocking on my feet,
Singing "Pooh Corner" to blue eyes so sweet.
I can't believe it's another birthday.
I can't seem to find new words to say
What it's like to see a little stringbean
Grow up to be . . . . seventeen.

Today I'm remembering innocent giggles,
Ungraceful waddles, never wiggles.
The many times I tried braiding your hair,
Only to give up, brush it down in despair.
The swimming and the brief dancing lessons,
The mind-numbing cheers and wrestling sessions.
Many times making the mistake to argue.
Silly me to think I'd get the last word on you.

I remember when I taught you to dive.
Now I am letting you behind the wheel to drive.
Today I can almost see the many days,
At Great Adventure, Universal and in ocean waves.

I look at you as a father's treasure grown from my arms.
Mindful of memories, like dozens of gold charms.
I'm so proud to point you out and say
"That's her over there, my beautiful Meg."

-Mitch Holsten

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