Sunday, April 24, 2011

A month from behind the lens

As a follow up to my last post about the girls, here are all the pictures I haven't gotten up here from February and March.

 I love taking the girls to Costco and utilizing the two seater carts.  They are the cutest little shoppers.

 Gwen is using a sippy cup for the first time.

 CC says she has a boo boo in her mouth

Christina shows off her muscles. 

Gwen loves Daddy piggy-back rides.

Lunch with Grandma 

 CC's unofficial 30 month well baby visit.  I think she was happy she didn't need any shots.

She loves those sunglasses!

Gwen, sitting pretty.  This was back when she was just getting the hang of sitting all by herself, now she is more concerned with pulling herself up, then sitting still.

We had a nice visit with Alaina and baby Gracie.

Christina got a bunch of Doctor "equipment" for Christmas and she loves to play with it.  We call her Dr. Christina and she likes to run around checking to see if anyone is sick and then giving them medicine.

Auntie Rachel bought the girls the cutest little flower headbands.  They just love them.

 One weekend, I dressed the girls in coordinating outfits (courtesy of Grandma and Granddad of course) and took tons of pictures while they played the day away.
Gwen really does love sunglasses.  Good thing Grandma and Granddad keep the girls stocked with them.  Aunt Debbie and Uncle Maurice even got them each a pair for Christmas.  How many sunglasses do two little girls need?  Well, they haven't hit the max yet and the count is up to at least six.  Christina borrows mine all of the time as well and currently they are missing.  I bet I'll find them stashed away with her toys.

Don't you just want to pinch those cheeks?  Geez, she is too darn cute.

"Look at me and my new big girl bed!"

"I'll smile for the camera Mommy, all you had to do was ask."

"Red polka dot shoes are cool."

"Sister kisses are the best!!"

"Mommy, let's see what she does when I scream in her face!"

"I am soooo funny Mommy."

My beautiful Gwendolyn

The girls are playing nicely together

 Christina likes to entertain her sister.  Gwen thinks she is so funny.  Actually Christina thinks Christina is funny too.  She often walks around saying "I'm so funny".  I guess she has her Daddy's sense of humor and his ego too, lol.

Gwen loves that Dora Guitar.  It is yummy and it plays fun music!

 The girls love to have Evie over to join in on the fun.

 "What is Sister doing over there?"

When we swing Gwen high she has a scared look for half a second and then lights up with smiles.


Someone was tired!

Polka dots, polka dots, polka dots!!

"Yummy feet!"

She is holding on to keep the swing from swinging, lol.

 CC loves to color

Even Gwen loves the iPad

"Yummy chicken"

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