Friday, August 12, 2011

Christina says . . .

"Why you say Oh me God, Daddy?"

"I wanna get my taco on."

"I like to shake my booty."

"When I go to schoooool, it makes me happyyyy and it keeps me happyyyyy."

"Wanna watch me jump like Halloween?"

"I wanna go to New Jersey."

"Is it wake up time?"

"I'm so funny."

"Do you hear me?"

"I'm mad at you. You spilled my beer!"

"Let's talk about animals"

"I'm the poopy Princess."

"I wanna hear Lady Gaga."

"Hold me like a baby."

"See you later adults."

"Bye-bye, I'm going to New Jersey."

"I need to check my Facebook."

"I don't want a mouth. Take my mouth off."


"Can we go to Jersey now?"

"Is it my birthday cake?"

"I wanna be your trouble."

"Naked girl, naked girl."

"Where is Olivia? We have to make Olivia?"

"Can we go on Super Trucks?"

"I don't feel well Mommy. I'm sick. Take my temperature."

"I have sparkles."

"I wanna sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."

"I gotta get outta here!"

"This place is dirty."

"I can't eat it. It's my money. I can't eat my money. It's dangerous."

"I want five."

"Are your boobies sick Mommy?"

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