Saturday, October 1, 2011

Have a good month

Well, it's October.  That means chilly weather, costumes and pumpkins.  Chilly weather, check!  Costumes and pumpkins, uumm, not so much. 

Christina can't decide which Princess she wants to be.  One minute it is Ariel, the next it is Snow White and then she begins debating over Sleeping Beauty or Belle.  She knows one thing for sure though, she wants to be a Disney Princess for Halloween.  That's a start at least.  We need to plan a trip to pick out costumes since we all need costumes this year.  We have two costume parties to go to which is going to be awesome. 

We also need to plan a day for pumpkin picking and carving pumpkins.  We use to have a great place that we went to in Jersey.  Although I liked the place we went to last year, it was waaaaay too far away (like two hours each way!)  So there is no way I'm going there again this year.  I need to find a good place nearby.

I'm looking forward to decorating the house.  I need to get my butt down to the basement to pull out the Halloween decorations.  I can't remember what I have, but I keep seeing all of the awesome decorations out in all of the stores.  I hope my collection, or lack thereof, doesn't send me straight to the store in hopes of getting some more/better stuff.  I really can't afford to buy decorations for every season/holiday even though I really WANT to decorate for everything.  I know that I'm in this house for the long haul though and I know that I will accumulate stuff over the years.  I just wish I didn't have to wait for it.

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