Friday, October 21, 2011

It's been twenty days since I've written anything on here.  That was not my plan.  Normally this is my creative outlet and a great way to show off my girls.  But lately I've been juggling so many things.  The girls have been taking turns getting sick and although they aren't exactly getting better, they seem to hide being sick better on some days then others.  Sick girls means thermometers, medication, doctor's appointments, vicks vapor rub, inhalers, temper tantrum's, and sleepless nights.

To keep myself sane, I have been getting crafty.  It started with painting the rooms on our third floor and then I moved to painting canvas.  I completed a bunch of new artwork for the house.  Pinterest has peaked my interested in DIY projects.  I made some paper ghosts for our front door, a fun menu board to help me plan our dinner's, a couple of toddler sized tutu's, and am still working on a custom photo collage.  I have other projects in mind too.  So many in fact that it is difficult to follow through on one thing before moving onto the next.  I am just so excited over this stuff lately, lol.

Of course there are only so many hours in the day, so my blog, unfortunately, has taken a back seat.    Oh, and I have been Christmas shopping!  Yes, already!  Crazy, huh?  I turned into a crazy coupon clipper to help save money and that led me to some awesome deals online.  I don't think I have ever been this ahead of the game before Black Friday.  This is great though because that means I won't feel guilty when I buy stuff for myself on Black Friday, lol.

I know I am really behind with updates on the girls.  But, for now, here are some pictures of what I've been working on lately.  Check out the "My Art" page for pictures of my paintings.  All of the other random projects are pictured below:

Halloween / Fall Decor

Photo Collage

Menu Board


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