Friday, March 2, 2012

Leap Day

February 29th wasn’t just leap day for us this year, it was the first time Christina has actually had a half birthday. It was nice to recognize the day since it rarely comes along. She got a few special treats and she wore her birthday skirt to school.

On an already eventful day, I got another surprise on Wednesday. Turns out that my little Gwendolyn is graduating speech therapy! Technically, she already has graduated, but the ceremony isn’t until the end of the year.

We recently had Gwen’s one year speech therapy evaluation and she passed with flying colors! She scored as a two year old in most area’s (she’s only 20 months) and as high as a 29 month old on others! I am one proud Mama.

It isn’t a shock to me that Gwen is doing so well, but it totally came as a shock to me that we don’t have to go to speech therapy anymore. I didn’t know when it would end or how it was determined. Basically though, she is so far ahead that they no longer recommend her attending. They will of course re-evaluate her in six months and if she is still on target or advanced, then we will only go back once a year.

Both of my girls continue to grow, learn and change every day. Christina can finally ride her little trike at home and I am excited for the Independence Day parade in our neighborhood where she will ride along with her friends. Gwen is so much like a big girl now the way she speaks and plays with her sister. We are hoping to start potty training in a few months also.

Some of my favorite things from my girls lately:

-CC always singing songs randomly. I love to hear how she interprets the songs! For example: “I can be your trouble maker, you can be my bass”

-Gwen actually used a SEVEN word sentence the other day!! I can’t remember what it was though, bummer. I rarely keep track of what she says anymore because she is always talking and I’m always surprised at how much she says.

-They both love to have dance parties. Christina always asks if we can go home, put princess dresses on and dance around to loud music.

-CC loves to say “ya’ll” and I laugh to myself every time I hear it. She is so purposeful with it and it still sounds so foreign to me.

-Both girls sleep through the night consistently – woohoo!!

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