Tuesday, March 6, 2012

More on couponing

I recently read that families bringing in $100k or more a year are twice as likely to coupon than those bringing in $35k or less a year.  Also, those with a college degree are twice as likely to coupon than those that don't.  I fall into both of those statistics and yes, I am smart enough and hard working enough to know that spending some time into couponing will save tons! 

Couponing has really been huge for me.  Since I've started (officially the first week in January), I have been able to stock  up on almost every item that our family uses regularly.  I no longer feel the pressure to go to the grocery store on a regular basis.  I no longer have to worry whether or not I will have enough money to buy groceries.  I no longer have to search the house for something to eat if I want a snack.  I actually have options at dinner time!

Now I don't shop out of necessity.  I shop when I can get the absolute best deals and I have a great time doing it!  I shop because I enjoy it.  I also got into a really good groove with organizing and clipping my coupons so that I don't spend nearly as much prep time as I use to.  I scour the ad's and/or couponing websites and only clip the coupons for the deals that are the best and/or that I want.

Adding to my collection of free stuff from last time, take a look below at all of the free stuff I have gotten in the last few weeks.  Most of this comes from drugstores, but I have also gotten some really great deals at grocery stores, especially Publix.  I'm not sure what my average savings has been lately, but I'm guessing it is about 80%.  In general, I haven't paid more than 50% of the retail value for anything (except the Sunday paper!)  I have also been able to get discount gas cards which has been awesome.

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