Monday, August 13, 2012

Pregnancy Update

I’m 22 weeks pregnant now, which means that I’m more than half way through this thing. This pregnancy has been very different from my last two and not in a good way. Overall, it hasn’t been so great, but I don’t really deserve to complain considering that I’m not having any serious issues. I think the people around me (hubby and coworkers) have more reason to complain actually. I have been VERY MOODY and I snap at people very easily and/or actually YELL . . . a lot (sorry!!). Everything annoys me and everything sets me off. You didn’t take the garbage out (hubby)? Prepare for an argument. You didn’t remember which charge number to use (coworker)? Prepare for my wrath! I am telling you, no one is safe!

Besides from my raging hormones that have obviously turned me into The Hulk, I am also extremely achy everywhere, which has made me utterly aware of how awkward and uncomfortable it is carrying around this big ol’ belly (and yes, I know, it isn’t even that big); I’m starving ALL.OF.THE.TIME; and I have these huge variations of energy where one minute I’m running around the house like a mad woman trying to move furniture and the next I can’t manage to get off the couch. What is wrong with me!?!?!

Oh yeah, that’s right, I’m growing a human being inside of me. (See how snarky I am lately?? I told you!)

On the medical side of things, I suffered through roughly 10-12 weeks of morning sickness, I have varicose veins in one of my legs so bad that I need to wear a medical compression stocking EVERYDAY (goodbye shorts and dresses – good thing I don’t live somewhere hot – haha, yeah right Atlanta), and I’m getting a progesterone shot every week so that I don’t have another premature baby (and yes, the shot is in my butt thank you very much – and no, it isn’t very pleasant).

But on the bright and shiny side of things, baby Olivia (yes, we have named her already), is doing just great! Apparently she doesn’t care that Mommy is an utter mess. She’s kickin’ away and having a great time in there. My measurements are always good and each ultrasound leaves me with rave reviews of how wonderful this pregnancy is going.

See, I told you I have no reason to complain.

And so, as I write this, I sadly realize that I have not taken EVEN ONE “belly” picture this time around. Shame on me!! I’m running right home tonight and taking one so that I can document this miracle that is pregnancy :-)

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