Friday, May 10, 2013

Life with three little Princesses

My little angel is now four and a half months old.  Nik and I have settled into a family five very easily and our whirlwind lives have definitely not stopped just because we now have a baby in tow.  Nope, in fact, baby Olivia just goes with the flow.  Meet Santa at four days old . . sure!, seven hour road trip to Orlando . . no problem!, go to Disney and smile at all of the Princesses . . . sign me up!  Yep, Olivia has been a wonderful baby.

In the beginning, she slept a lot as most babies do and then when she was awake more, all she wanted to do was nurse for a few weeks.  She's been my biggest baby yet and even though she is only in the 25th percentile, she is growing like crazy (chunky monkey seems to have turned into long caterpillar). 

At about two months old her personality really started to shine. She began smiling all of the time and giggling (now she even waves when prompted).  Her sisters are a great source of entertainment and you can tell she really loves them.  She rolls over all of the time and even now, at four months old, you can see that she just can't wait to get up and run around with her two older sisters. She kicks her feet out and tries to stand up and get down from your arms when she wants to join in on the fun.  This little one is just a delight to have around.

We were lucky enough to join some of my family in Orlando recently for my Great Aunt's 90th surprise birthday party!!  And how could we go to Orlando without taking the kids to Disney? 

The trip could not have gone any better.  All three girls were awesome in the car.  No potty accidents from my two big girls and Olivia didn't cry at all.  Only a few days prior to our trip, I introduced her to the pacifier. Although neither CC or Gwen ever took to it, Olivia seemed to really like it.  With the help of the pacifier and my long reach from the front seat, Olivia was always happy.  She had toys hanging from her carseat which she happily played with and then the pacifier helped her fall asleep when she was tired.  She was a champ as we spent over 10 hours at Disney one day and she was happy the entire time!!

We have had the luxury of spending a lot of family time together lately and it has been wonderful. I love watching as the girls grow and change.  I can't believe that Christina is starting Kindergarten in August and that Gwen is such a beautiful and smart big/little girl who always amazes me.  I can't believe how most of what Christina says and does takes after me and how most of what Gwen says and does takes after Nik.  I love how Christina always says "That's weird" and Gwen always says "That's cool" which is a perfect example of how Christina is more skeptical about everything and Gwen is much more open and carefree.  I love how they ask questions and want to know about everything (even if it is sometimes hard to answer all of the "Why" questions).  I love how Olivia fits in with all of us so perfectly and how I can just snuggle up to her and never want to let go.

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  1. aww this made me so happy to read. I miss you all so much!!! LOVE YOU


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