Sunday, May 26, 2013

My little dancing queen

Christina had her dance recital earlier this month.  This was her second recital (she had one at the end of the school year in 2012 as well).  She kept a very serious face on for most of her dancing (just like she did last  year) except this year, she didn't seem as concerned with getting the moves right and on time.  Last year she watched her dance teacher very closely and did every move methodically.  This year you will see her looking around occassionally, laughing or smiling sometimes, doing different moves, falling a little haha.  It was really cute how she would go from no smile and doing her moves seriously, to laughing and almost falling over.  She obviously had a very good time.

Here is one of the cutest ones.  She is all excited because she loves the song (she calls it the Barbie song):

This song is one they did last year, but it is too cute to not do it again:

I missed the beginning of this one since someone was blocking my view.  Here is Gummy Bear:

Let's get this party started:

You spin me right round:

I'm not familiar with this song, but it seemed really sweet:

I've also never heard of this song before:

See how excited she gets when she hears that they are about to get trophy's:

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