Tuesday, September 18, 2007

High School

Am I the only one that didn’t like high school? I mean, it’s not like I was miserable or anything. It wasn’t bad, but I am glad that that part of my life is behind me.

I went to a high school with about 2,000 students. There was actually traffic in the halls, trying to get from class to class. I guess for an outgoing person, it was probably a great experience. There is always someone new around the corner, always the possibility of a new activity, a new class, a new friend to be made.

For me, it was living with the discomfort of the unknown. I graduated with 300 people and at a guess I’ll say that 200 of them were complete strangers. When I got my diploma I wasn’t feeling that I was leaving anything or anyone behind. I only wanted to move on and get out of that school. Maybe that was just because I’ve always felt a push from the inside to move forward. I didn’t cry at graduation like the other kids, and I didn’t regret anything either. I was ready and eager to kiss goodbye those classmates and move out of the state and into college.

I must admit though, my senior year was pretty great. I was involved in all of the activities that I enjoyed most. Since I had already gotten into college, the pressure was off, and I was able to let loose a bit more. We didn’t have a lot of required classes for senior year, so I took what interested me most. I had a poetry class that I loved and every morning I had volleyball for my gym requirement.

Nik and a handful of my other friends were in that class. We actually took it before school started. Zero period, they called it. I still don’t know why we were crazy enough to get up so early and start school before everyone else, but we did. It was more like social hour than actual gym class though.

We would talk about the weekend, either how great it was or how great it will be. We would make plans for after school or talk about the latest gossip, and all of this while hitting the volleyball back and forth.

I can’t say I am a good volleyball player, but I know those classes were valuable to me. They gave me a good start to every day. Shouldn’t we all have a little time with our friends before we have to face the world? Those were the days when it was easy, in fact it was expected, to see your friends every day. Those were the days when you didn’t want to miss school unless it was to hang out with your friends outside of school. That was the good part of high school. That is what I miss.

What do you miss about high school? What do you remember most?


  1. I LOVED high school and I wish I could go back!


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