Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Fourth of July

I hope you all had a good Fourth of July. We certainly did. It started with a day at home and at our pool, then we headed to my Moms for a BBQ and on Sunday we went to the boardwalk.

Over the weekend Christina decided that she wants to pull up on anything and everything, so she has been doing a lot of standing. She is also starting to stand more on her actual feet and less on her tippy toes, which means that she is one step closer to walking. She even "cruised" for a few minutes on Friday. (BTW, cruising is when a baby walks while holding on to furniture or other objects) Some babies cruise for months and months before they start walking though, so Christina could be as little as two months away or as much as six months away from walking.

Christina is also newly obsessed with clapping her hands. Sometimes she does it when she is happy or excited and sometimes she does it for no reason at all. This is much better than her last phase of blowing raspberries in the air and ultimately spitting whenever she was excited. Just imagine her doing that while eating pureed food . . . yucky baby food EVERYWHERE! So yeah, clapping is a lot less messy.

After a day at the boardwalk and a quick trip onto the beach, it still stands true that Christina does not like the sand. In fact, she HATES the sand. Poor girl screams everytime she gets near it. This is so weird because nothing else freaks her out like sand does, well except for the Ocean. But we didn't even get close enough to the water this time to see if she is willing to give it a chance. I'm sure she will get use to the sand and the Ocean in time though.

Now, what you've all been waiting for (I'm sure!), pictures from this weekend:

"See, I can stand, I can stand"

"Yes, I'm wearing my underwear on my head . . . but Daddy put them there!"

"First time in the pool with Mommy"

"First time in my turtle float"

"Look, I've got my own pool!"

"Do you like my Fourth of July outfit?"

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