Tuesday, June 30, 2009

10 months old and Baptised

Christina turned 10 months old yesterday and the day before that she was Baptised.

We didn't have a huge celebration or anything, but it was still very special. I don't have very many pictures from the church, but I do have several pictures from that day. Hopefully I'll get the pictures that were taken at the church from some other people.

I also have a video of the actual Baptism (Thanks Rachel!). I will put a shortened version on Christina's dedicated webpage. If you have not been invited to that page yet, please comment here or email me so that I can add you. I started it a month or so ago but haven't had the chance to add everyone to the guest list.


  1. ADORABLE! and I LOVE HER HAIR! URGH! too bad i wasn't there to see her for myself! SOON! xoxox

  2. i love all these pics! she's such a cutie! hope to see her again soon!

  3. Love the pics. it looks like Christine had a wonderful time!


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