Monday, June 15, 2009

Lots of Firsts

Yesterday was a big day for Christina. We originally wanted to take her to the boardwalk and the beach since the weather was suppose to be sunny and in the 80's. When it turned out that the weather was cloudy and cool, we weren't sure if we should still go, but we did and it actually turned out to be a nice day (even if it was kind of cold).

The first thing we did at the boardwalk was take Christina for her first carousel ride. She wasn't exactly over the moon about it, but I think she had a good time. It was just so new and different for her. Christina pretty much just hung out in my arms while we went around. I waved at Aunt Rachel as she took pictures of us and Christina tried to lean over and chew the side of the seats. She was also pretty distracted by everything going on around her like the kids running around, the loud noises, and the train going by.

After the ride was over, I hopped on a horse with her just for a photo op. We couldn't ride on the horse since they didn't have any stationary one's, but we didn't want to pass on the picture. I think Christina enjoyed the horse more than the ride.

After the carousel ride, we walked on the boardwalk for awhile and played some games.

All of the prizes won went straight to CC of course. She even got a PINK GUITAR! How cool is that? It's not even a toy guitar, it is an actual real guitar. But, it is small, for a child, and it's pink!

We ate at the Tiki Bar and saw a live band too. Christina seemed to enjoy all of the music and dancing around. Her grandma had a great time showing her off to the crowd. Oh, and her Daddy gave her lots of lemon's to suck on during lunch. She loves those things!

We also took her down to the beach, but that didn't go over too well. At that point she was very tired and I think that probably made this new experience harder to handle. She cried when we tried to put her feet in the sand and she cried when we got close to the ocean. Luckily it was only one of those cries like "get me the hell away from this sand/ocean" and she stopped as soon as we followed her wishes.

Here is Grandma trying to convince her that sand is fun . . .

Christina is not buying it . . .

And when we tried to put her feet in the sand, this is what we got . . .

Overall though, I think CC had a really great day. She passed out when we got home and slept very well last night too. I have a lot of videos from yesterday too. I'm going to try to sort through them and post some of them here. Stay tuned :-)

Oh, and I almost forgot that there was a first for me and Nik yesterday too. Last night we got to go to the movies for the first time since Christina was born! Grandma and Granddad babysat, which really only involved being in the house while she slept because my sleepy girl never even woke up while we were gone. It was awesome that things worked out. I mean, it is about time, Christina is nine and a half months old afterall. Now if I can just find a regular babysitter that lives near by so that we might be able to do dinner and a movie one night . . .

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