Thursday, June 25, 2009

My little social butterfly

I always knew that Christina liked the other babies at daycare, but today I realized that she is a social butterfly. Thank goodness she takes that quality from her Dad because I definitely don't want her to get my inept social skills.

At daycare today, I took Christina into the room where I usually nurse her. That room also happens to be the room with all of the cribs. There were a couple of sleeping babies and a couple that were awake. As we walked over to the rocking chair, Christina immediately got excited when she saw her friends.

Normally she can't take her eyes off of them, which makes it very difficult to nurse, but today was a little different. Christina and another baby were having a great time chatting away, laughing and smiling at each other. They were even reaching out to each other (Christina from my arms and the other baby from her crib). It was honestly very cute, although I never was able to settle CC down enough to nurse her. Eventually, I stood Christina up next to the crib of the other baby. Christina held on and continued social hour with this other baby through the bars.

My little girl really does love interacting with all of the babies. Seeing how happy she is to play with them, "talk" to them, and look at them, really makes me happy that she is going to Daycare. I know that it would be wonderful for me to spend everyday with her, but at least I know that she is growing as a person because of Daycare. Who wants to stay home with boring Mommy when they can go have fun, right?

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