Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Baby is a Genius

Since Christina started daycare five months ago, there has only been one day that I was unable to see her on my lunch break. That one day she had a really bad day. Needless to say, I did not intend on doing that again. Plus, I just can't imagine not seeing her during the day when she is only a mile away.

Today though, I didn't have a choice. I had an all day training and we only had thirty minutes for lunch. Since Christina was sleeping at the time (I called the Daycare to check on her), I was out of luck.

When I went to get her at the end of the day, I was more than a little anxious to see her. The huge smile on her face told me she felt the same (aaww). I was relieved to find out she had a very good day.

As we were leaving, one of the teachers said "Bye Bye Christina" and without hesitation, Christina looked at her teacher and started waving goodbye with her entire arm (not just her hand, hehe). She didn't need any encouragement or anything, she just start waving and smiling goodbye with such excitement. It was as if she had been doing that for weeks now. She knew exactly what she was doing and why.

I've seen her wave a couple of times before, but nothing like this. On the way home I was thinking, "Wow, what a wonderful, beautiful, amazing, smart, adorable little girl I have".

When I got home, I put Christina on the floor so that she could crawl around and play (all that she wants to do these days) while I sat on the couch. After a couple of minutes, she crawled over to me, gently patted Amstels head twice (didn't pull his hair or anything!), grabbed a hold of my jeans, looked up at me and GET THIS she said, yes SAID "up, up". She then proceeded to pull herself to a complete standing position using my jeans with one of her hands and a nearby table with the other.

If you didn't know, Christina has never done these things before. So those few minutes were nothing short of A-MAZ-ING. OH, and did I tell you that after she pulled herself up I started yelling "Yay!" and clapping my hands like crazy. More importantly though, she then gave me the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. With a smile stretched from ear to ear, she knew her Mama was proud!

So yeah, all of a sudden my child can wave when it is time to say goodbye (without being prompted to), pat the doggie without hurting him or causing him to run away in pain, say "up, up" apparently (although I still kind of feel like I was imagining that part, lol), and pull herself up to a standing position on her own. So yeah,

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