Saturday, August 1, 2009

First Trip to the Zoo

My Mom and I took Christina to the Zoo last week and we had such a good time. I think she was more interested in the children running around than she was with the animals though. The animals scared her a couple of times too.

The first time she got scared was when my Mom decided to feed a horse. My Mom announced that she wasn't scared, held out her hand with the popcorn in it and as the horse leaned in to take a bite, she screamed and jumped back. So yeah, that kind of scared Christina. But I couldn't stop laughing. In fact, I'm laughing now, it was just so freakin' funny lol! Anyway, Christina was fine, we told her everything was ok and then I proceeded to feed the horse without any screaming or jumping involved.

The second time Christina got scared was when we were hanging out with a Ram. At first the Ram had his head sticking out of the bars and we were just petting him, but once he saw me go for the Popcorn box he immediately stood up and put the top half of his body over the fence. It was pretty intimidating, even for me.

I took a bunch of pictures and videos while we were at the zoo. Unfortunatley I don't think I managed to get Christina in any of the pictures with the animals or vice versa. I guess that is what happens when they are on one side of the fence and she is on the other. ;-)

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