Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Note to my Daughter on her First Birthday

Today will be the first of many birthdays to celebrate. Today you will eat cake and open your own presents. You will probably try to eat the wrapping paper and play with the boxes. Today you will hug and kiss family and friends who love you very much. Today we are all here for you. We are here to celebrate your life.

Today we remember how much has changed in just one year. From a feeling in my belly, to a bump no one could mistake, you grew inside me for 9 long months. The day you came was a very special day. You were 7 pounds and beautiful, in fact, perfect in every way. You smiled even then and haven’t stopped since.

From that very special day a little girl began to grow. You’ve become your own little person that amazes me each day. Your unbelievable spirit glows inside you and touches everyone you meet.

Today I will hold you close to me, although you might try to wiggle away as a one year old often does. But, I will always remember your little hands and tiny feet. I will always remember your first laugh and your sloppy kisses. I will enjoy watching you grow up and change as I have done this past year. I will always love you more and more each day. And today will be your day, your first celebration, your birthday.

Happy Birthday Christina, I love you!!

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