Sunday, August 30, 2009

Looking Back

The day you were born you were so small and fragile. With one smile you stole my heart.

At one month old you were very hungry and sad but that didn’t last long once we had your tongue-tie corrected.

At two months old you were stronger, healthier and happier. You were starting to hold your head up on your own and began to love the sound of your own voice.

At three months old you were posing for your first photo shoot and at four months you were celebrating your first Christmas. That month you also laughed for the first time and melted my heart with that sound.

At five months old you were changing so rapidly that everyday was a new surprise. You were mastering the art of picking up toys and putting them in your mouth. You started teething, began rolling over, and started eating baby cereal.

At six months old you were sitting up, giving kisses and holding your own bottle.

At seven months you were even more beautiful and happier than ever. You demanded attention and always got it. You began crawling in your own way (more like swimming on land) and life as you knew it became much more exciting.

At eight months old you still had no teeth, but that didn’t stop you from feeding yourself finger foods.

At nine months old you could barely sit still. All you wanted to do was play, play, play.

At ten months you loved to pull yourself up to a standing position and clap your hands whenever you were excited, even sometimes for no reason at all. You could wave hello or goodbye and you could make noises that distinctly sounded like words, dada was one of your favorites. You were also baptized this month with friends and family celebrating in your honor.

At eleven months old you began doing the army crawl in addition to your swim like crawl and the traditional crawl. But crawling wasn't all, you were cruising every chance you got. You didn't take any steps alone, but you sure loved to walk holding on to furniture. You were also more verbal than ever and you began saying actual words like hi, dada, yeah and yay.

Now here we are at your one year birthday. Where did the time go!? I know this month will bring more changes and the next month will too. Then soon it will be another year gone by and another after that. I will watch you explore, learn and grow over the years and cherish each passing day.

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