Thursday, February 25, 2010

A few quick updates

I owe you a bunch of stuff, but I have been really busy at work and just haven't gotten to it. In the meantime, I just wanted to give you a quick update on things:

- Christina has been healthy for about a month now, THANK GOODNESS! Consdering how the year started and knowing what her winter was like last year, I'm very greatful that she has been healthy. She did have a minor stomach bug for a few days, but it was no big deal and she got over it quickly.

- Speaking of winter, how crazy has the weather been? I feel like winter is never going to end. We are having another snow storm as we speak. Luckily, I have been able to work from home most of those snow days, but today I have to go into the office. I know it is a mess out there, but I basically have no choice in the matter. Did you know that at one point recently every state in the United States, other than Hawaii, had snow on the ground? Pretty crazy that even states like California, Texas and Florida got snow. Back in October when they predicted a bad winter, they weren't kidding. Spring will come eventually though, aaahhh, I can't wait.

- My morning sickness is essentially gone, YAY! I've been feeling pretty good lately. I still have some headache's here and there, some heartburn, the back pain is starting, and I do have the occassional burst of nausea, but compared to what I've been through with the morning sickness, it is NOTHING. And how awesome is it that next Wednesday I have my ultrasound that will hopefully show us whether I'm having a boy or a girl? I am sooo excited!

Now that I'm finally feeling better, I've been taking some pictures. So, here are some 17 week pictures:

I don't even look pregnant here do I? I have still been playing catch up with my weight. With the severe morning sickness, I actually lost about SEVEN pounds. Since I started feeling better, I have been able to gain about four pounds back, so that is good but obviously I still have a lot of work to do. Surprisingly though, I do actually have a decent sized belly hiding under my shirt. Take a closer look:

Still can't see much, what about now? ---

There's the little baby. Christina even gave my belly a kiss this morning when I asked her to give a kiss to her baby brother or sister. She is just so adorable. And, not to disappoint those that only read my blog for Christina, I am going to try to post some pictures of her tomorrow.

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