Thursday, April 29, 2010

Growing Up and Moving On

Christina spent her first day in the pre-toddler room at daycare yesterday. She was suppose to move over there about five months ago, but I guess the room was too full and the infant room wasn't full enough - so she stayed put. I asked about the move earlier this week and finally they have started transitioning her. It was about time.

She had a great time in the pre-toddler room! She was so good, ate and slept so well and just enjoyed being around the bigger kids and the bigger kid toys. She actually took a two and a half hour nap on the mat on the floor. This is amazing. She was never great at napping and actually slept better on the floor with the other kids. I wonder if this means that she will be ready for a toddler bed at home soon. I'm definitely going to wait until after Gwen comes, but it is good to know that she can handle sleeping somewhere other than a crib.

Other than the pre-toddler room move, there have been lots of other things going on with Christina as well. She is 20 months old today. My big girl! She has a mouth full of teeth, a ton of pretty blondish-brown hair, and is so tall. She continues to amaze me with how much she is learning. She has added TONS of words to her vocabulary. Ever since the weekend she spent with our cousin Evie, she has just been bursting with new words. A few that come to mind are: eye, nose, head, ball, flower, Elmo, juice, banana, cookie and bubbles. Almost every day I hear her say a word that she has never said before.

She is extremely active and can't sit still. She loves the playground and in general just loves to run around. I can't believe what a wild child she has turned out to be. Plus she is so smart! She understands everything and like most toddlers, she knows how to push my buttons, lol. She continues to throw food on the floor when she doesn't want anymore even though we've told her no a million times. She also continues to bite us when she is excited and rough housing with me or Nik even though we always tell her no. She thinks everything is funny and just loves life.

And do I have to tell you what a beautiful girl she is turning into? There are so many days when I just look at her and am amazed at how beautiful she is. I hope I am capturing her beauty and her clever personality with the videos and pictures I take, because I really don't want to ever forget this.

On another note, I am so anxious for our little Gwen to get here. I'm curious as to how different or similiar she will be to Christina, in looks and personality. I can't wait to see how different Christina will seem to us, once there is a tiny little baby around. I can't wait to see how Christina will interact with Gwen. Christina is so unbelievably sweet and loving but she also has a rough side to her when she is playing around, so it will be interesting to see how she acts towards her little sister.

The other day I asked if she wanted to give her little sister a kiss and not only did she kiss my belly, but she kept doing it over and over again. I literally had to pry the girl away from my belly! She did not want to stop! It was so sweet and also really funny.

85 days until my due date and things are really going to get exciting around here! We already have half a million baby and/or toddler items cluttering up this little condo. And yes, we are still in this tiny condo, don't know when we will get out!

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