Friday, April 30, 2010

I guess I wasn't finished with my last post afterall . . .

Christina added a new word to her vocabulary - poo poo. She didn't just say it, she told me she was doing it. This is pretty amazing since I don't think I've ever said those words. I usually say "poopy diaper". Plus, they always say that you shouldn't start potty training until the child shows interest. It didn't seem like that would happen with Christina considering she is never even bothered by a wet or dirty diaper. I guess I was wrong. The fact that she knew what she was doing and she could verbalize it is a big step.

I'm not going to be potty training any time soon though. I know that when a new sibling is born, the older sibling tends to regress in ways. I think it is pretty pointless to start something now when she will likely not let me continue with the training when Gwen gets here. Plus, I can't really imagine breastfeeding Gwen every hour, and having to rush Christina to the potty every hour just to see if she has to go. I'll definitely wait a little while. But, it is good to know that she is starting to understand.

On another note, I have a cute story to tell. Christina has always been really good with understanding the word "dirty". But awhile back I realized that she didn't know the difference between dirty laundry and dirty garbage. So, I've been trying to explain it, telling her that the dirty trash gets thrown in the garbage and the dirty laundry gets washed so that it can get clean. Today she proved to me that one - she totally gets that and two - she is a little OCD about germs (like I am). Here is what happened . . .

Christina was on her changing table while I was getting her pajama's on (by the way she always helps me dress and undress her - she knows exactly what to do . . . so smart!). Normally when she goes up onto the changing table with stuff in her arms, she will ultimately throw them on the floor and get them when she is done. This time, she went up to the changing table holding onto one of her baby dolls. Then after a few seconds, she threw the baby, like she normally does. The difference this time, is that it landed in her hamper, with her dirty clothes. Dirty as in previously worn, not gross or anything lol.

I told Christina that the baby was in the dirty laundry and I got the baby out for her when she was done with her pj's. Well, she immediately started whining and crying "baby, baby, baby" over and over again. She grabbed her baby and ran to the kitchen and held her baby up to the kitchen sink. When I picked Christina up, she chucked the baby into the sink. Luckily I caught the baby before it touched any dirty dishes, but unfortunately this did not make Christina happy. She clearly felt that the baby was dirty and needed it to be cleaned.

I tried to convince CC that we could clean the baby with some baby wipes. She and I both wiped the baby down, but that was not good enough for her. I told her that the baby could not go in the sink but we could put her in the washing machine. She was happy to throw the baby in the washing machine, but whenever I would walk away, she would get upset again. It was like she knew that a "baby" doesn't belong in the washing machine. She knew that babies should take baths in the kitchen sink, like Christina did when she was younger.

So anyway, my smarty pants little girl doesn't want her baby to be dirty from the dirty laundry and knows that a baby needs to get clean in the sink. Too bad I can't explain to her that the middle of the baby is all cotton and if it goes in the sink it will be ruined.

Other than that little story, yet another new thing . . . Christina has been saying "moo" when you ask her what a cow says, but hasn't really mastered any other animals. Today though, I used her snuffed duck to say "quack quack" and now all of a sudden it clicked. She keeps using "quack quack" in reference to a duck.

Don't you just love that "poo poo" and "quack quack" coming out of the mouth of a one and a half year old can make a mom so proud? :-)

And now, your favorite part . . .

"Let me out Mommy"

"I'm not kidding, LET ME OUT!"

"Shush, I'm making a phone call"

Christina loves her blanket and calls it her baby

"Hi Mommy"

Driving her car around in the house, lol (hey, what else are you gonna do when it is raining outside?)

Dancing Queen

Daddy's Little Sunshine

What is she thinking??

temper, temper . . .

Christina was loving the 31 cent ice cream scoop at Baskin Robbins the other day. What a mess!

Christina LOVES the playground

My 27.5 week baby bump

What a thirsty little family, I mean cute little family.

I think my phone is over heating from all of the pictures I've been taking lately!

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