Sunday, May 2, 2010

Great Weekend

This should have been posted this passed week, but since I never got to it, I will add two fun weekends worth of stuff.

Last weekend, we had an amazing weather weekend. Somehow it turned into the middle of summer. Luckily we were able to take full advantage. From the beach, to the park, to the Warfside (an outside restaurant with a live band), we really did so much and enjoyed the weather. Christina had a great time and I got some great pictures.

We also celebrated my birthday at my Mom's house even though it was a couple of weeks late. It was just a little get together with dinner, but it was nice.

This weekend, my mom, Christina and I went to Virginia for my cousin Alaina's baby shower. She is due almost a month after I am and she is also having a girl. The trip went very smoothly considering that we drove there on Saturday and back on Sunday, each way was a five hour drive and it was the longest trip Christina has ever taken. Also, I'm pregnant and all, so a long car ride could have gone very badly, but it didn't. We lucked out. Christina wasn't all that great on the ride to Virigina. I think she didn't understand why she was stuck in the car so long. On the way back though, she definitely seemed to "get it" and she was a perfect angel.

On top of doing well for the car rides and doing well at the shower, Christina also said two new words: jacket and apple. She also opened her first present today, which wasn't even for her. I think watching Alaina open all of her baby shower gifts made her realize what it was all about. When I gave my Mom her Mother's Day gift today, Christina immediately went for it and started ripping it open. It was really cute to see her get excited about opening a present. She didn't even mind that it wasn't anything fun for her.

At the shower though, she got extremely excited over a couple of gifts that Alaina received and was not a happy little girl when she found out that they were not for her. She was sad, but boy was it cute. At least I thought so anyway.

Here are some pics of last weekend:

My cutie:

Celebrating my birthday:

My sad looking, but totally yummy birthday cake: (yes, it says 281 years old lol, I actually turned 29)


The Beach: (Christina's actual first time at the Beach. It was so cute how she thought the sand was yucky.)


Hanging out in the backyard:

Here are some pics of this weekend:

The Mommy to be (right) and her friend who is also expecting (left):

Mommy to be:

My wonderful Aunt Debbie who threw the shower:

My cousin Melissa:

Christina and Shirley (family friend):

Christina, Shirley and my Mom:

My cousin Susan and her lovely daughter Mackenzie:

Decorating Onesies:

Our finished products:


Christina took this picture of Alaina (completely by herself) . . not too bad

My Aunt Charlene (also taken by Christina):

My beautiful girl enjoying one of Alaina's best presents (I just love this little rocking chair!):

She also loved the balloons tied to the chair:

By the way - Happy Mother's Day to all of the wonderful Mommy's out there!!

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