Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Twenty-One Month Old

- falls a lot. Not because she doesn't walk well, but because she throws her body around and has no fear.

- makes a funny face when she says any word beginning with a "c" like cat, cookie or cracker. It is sort of like the Elvis lip.

- loves to look at pictures, but she especially loves to look at pictures of herself

- likes to rearrange the furniture

- likes to hold hands with her friends at school and she also likes to grab Mommy and Daddy's hands so that she can lead us wherever she wants to go.

- continues to say more and more new words, almost a new word every day. Some of her new words: horse, cat, car, bird, help, book, Uncle, socks, shoes, boy, key, apple, animal (although it sounds like Elmos so it is hard to tell sometimes). Some I forgot to mention last month: mouth, ear, cracker, both

- says "Uncle" whenever she sees a picture of her Uncle Alex or her Uncle Scott. I haven't had the chance to try it out with her other Uncle's yet.

- is starting to use sign language more. All of the signs she now uses regularly are: more, ball, flower, book, milk, and drink.

- hates having her hair in her face. If her hair isn't pulled back she is constantly pushing it out of the way.

I had my first phone conversation with Christina on May 21st. She was at my Mom's house and I was at work. When I picked up the phone, Christina was already on the other end. She said "Hi Mama" a couple of times and then babbled for a bit. Then said "Mama" again and then said "Bye Bye". It was the cutest, sweetest thing. Normally she is interested in the phone, but she has never actually put it to her ear and talked back to the other person. It actually brought tears to my eyes!

We just got Christina some new shoes at the mall today. Her feet didn't seem to be growing for the longest time, but then all of a sudden they grew a ton! She went from being a four and a half, wearing size five shoes, to being just a touch over size six and wearing size six and a half shoes. She loves her new sneakers.

Unfortunately, I think she is getting sick. Nik is sick so it isn't a huge surprise. I just hope she gets better quick. We are leaving in less than a week for our week long trip to Georgia for my sister's wedding. I'm also hoping not to get sick. Cross your fingers and send us some healthy vibes!

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