Friday, May 14, 2010

70 days to go

I'm thirty weeks pregnant now, ten more weeks (70 days) to go. Things have been going very well with this pregnancy. Gwen has been moving so much lately and it is always nice to have the reminder that my little one is in there.

Our house is filled with baby things again. Christina loves seeing her old things and tries to use them even though she is obviously too big. She climbs into her bouncer, asks me to put her in the exersaucer and likes to push her baby dolls in the swing. I am glad that I brought all of this stuff into the house this early. I am hoping that by the time Gwen comes along, Christina will be bored of it and won't mind sharing. Because sharing is definitely not her strong suit.

I've got a ton of baby clothes washed and put away, just ready and waiting for the tiny little newborn that we will bring home. It is really cool to be able to look at the newborn onesies and remember seeing Christina in them. Of course it is shocking how small they are because no matter how long ago that was, it is just amazing that Christina has grown so much. It is hard to believe we are going to have another tiny little baby in the house.

The infant car seat and extra base are in storage, but they are up front just ready and waiting. Hopefully this time I'll actually get the seat installed before I go into labor. For Christina, I hadn't installed the carseat by the time I went to the hospital to have her (one week before my due date). I was totally convinced that CC would come after her due date, so I wasn't worried. This time I'll try not to let that happen.

I emailed HR today to get all of the forms I need to fill out: short term disability, FMLA, FLI. It is all very confusing but hopefully the process will come back to me when I start filling out the applications.

So pretty much, I am all ready to go except that we still haven't come up with a middle name for Gwen. I just haven't found that perfect name. I hope it comes to me soon or this little girl isn't going to have a middle name.

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