Sunday, February 13, 2011

Music spot

So I feel like talking about music, so let's talk about music. What songs are you loving right now? What songs are you hating?

I absolutely love this song - Christina Perry "Jar of Hearts". Great music, great lyrics. "You're gonna catch a cold, from the ice that's in your soul" Wow. BURN. Love it.

Some of my other favorites right now are:

"Secrets" by One Republic, also has great music (at least the chorus has awesome music) and the lyrics are pretty interesting as well. I get goose bumps when I listen to the chorus.

I love Taylor Swift and her new(ish) song, "Back to December". It really makes me want to see her in concert. She is going to be in my area too, but by the time I found out about it, everything was sold out. Totally sucks. Plus, Nik wouldn't dare go with me, so that wouldn't be much fun anyway.

This Bruno Mars song "Grenade" is pretty good.

I love Britney, but her new song is only eeeehhhh. What do you think?
(Sorry, no video for this one).

I also love Lady Gaga, but as for her new song, "Born this way", the first time I heard it, I thought it was awful. It sounded like a complete mess because the music in the beginning doesn't seem to mesh with the lyrics. Then the song just started to annoy me because Lady Gaga had to say "I was born this way" like 85 times. Just like almost everyone else listening to this song, I realized by the time it was over, that it sounded very Madonna-esk. Then, it dawned on me that it sounded a lot like "Express Yourself". When I heard both songs compared on the radio, the similarities were very obvious. Oddly, ever since then, the more I hear the song, the more I like it. I'm not sure why, although the fact that she says "I was born this way" a million times still annoys me. Here it is (no video though).

When I first heard Black Eyed Peas "The Time", I was thrown back by their use of the song that I have always known from Dirty Dancing. But, the club-like music is just so awesome that I couldn't help loving this song. I seriously want to just blast it and dance around the living room.

And speaking of Black Eye Peas, although it is old, I just love their song "Rock your body". When Nik and I saw them in concert, we had never heard this song and it totally stood out from all of the other unknown tracks. Fergie sang the chorus though, unlike the album version which is edited (auto tune). I liked the live version much better, but still can't get enough of the song. And I know this is ridiculously cheesy of me, but when I give Christina a bath, I can't help but sing "wash that body. come on come on. wash that body (wash that body). wash that body. come on come on. wash.that.body" LOL, yes, every.single.time. Am I a dork or what?

Last, but not least, I must talk about Kesha -or should I say Ke$ha (to quote my Mom, "Doesn't she have a dollar sign in her name or something?"). I am super excited to go to her concert on my actual birthday, the big 3-0 by the way (and no, I'm not getting old, thank you very much).

I loved "tik tok" when it first came out, "blah blah blah" and although I didn't find "your love is my drug" all that exciting, Ke$ha quickly became a "must hear" for me. When "take it off" came out, I just about went crazy over it. "We R who we R" is great too, but damn, "take it off" is just awesome. That is the song that made me want to see her in concert.

Her new CD is pretty weird, especially "cannibal". The lyrics to that song are awful honestly, way too over the top and make me gag. BUT - the music behind the lyrics is great and after hearing the song a few times, I can manage to get over my disgust for the lyrics. In fact, I find myself wanting to hear that song first whenever the CD is on.

The newest single, "blow" is growing on me as well. It is very good. I'm not as excited about it as I was "take it off", but I am excited that it is her newest single and looking forward to hearing her perform it live.

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