Sunday, February 20, 2011


Babies are amazing. They are adorable and cute. They love you no matter what. When they smile, it just lights up your life (especially if you are Mom or Dad). They learn new things every day and amaze us with the smallest achievements. And yes, as "they" say, they grow up far too quickly.

Gwen is already changing from a helpless little baby to this little person that has her own personality. She can sit completely unassissted now and while I am very excited by this, I can't help but look over at her and sadly realize how the little baby I brought home from the hospital is no longer here. I miss that baby and yet love her more and more now and every day, with each new achievement.

She grabs at everything now, the remote control, my glasses, my cup or my plate. She backwards crawls all over the floor and she plays with just about anything you give her. She is a complete delight to have around and is always all smiles. I love that she seems so interested in the things that go on around her as well as the objects that she finds (toys, blankets, anything really).

But, I've done this before. I've seen Christina make these same steps and I see where she is now. It is exciting to see Gwen grow up, but it is sad that I can't hold on to my babies. The stages in a baby's life come and go so quickly! By age 1 they are completely different from the day they were born and by age 2 they have again changed by leaps and bounds.

If I'm this bad now, oh goodness, just wait until they go to college! I may have to keep having babies forever, lol. Seriously though, I am comforted by the fact that we want two more children. I love these girls so much and I am excited to add two more siblings to the bunch, one day. Nik thinks its funny because I talk about our next child as if he/she is missing, like our family is not yet complete. I actually do feel like that. I feel like we are waiting for the next two.

Two of my friends just recently had their first child (one had a girl and one had a boy - on the same day!) and there are several new babies that will be born this year, Christina's Godparents are expecting as well as my sister and Nik's cousin. All of these babies make me so happy. I am baby crazy, lol. Seriously though, is there anything better than being a parent?

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