Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Offiically two and a half

Now that Christina's age is determined by years and not months, it seems like so much time has gone by since I have written a real update on her. But now she is officially two and a half years old! That is a good milestone for an update.

Christina Corinne . . .

- calls Gwen "Ray Ray" for some reason. I think she is actually saying "Gwendolyn" but it sounds identical to "Ray Ray". I have to hold my tongue because it is so cute that I want to say Ray Ray too.

- can count! The other day, out of nowhere she just started counting my buttons and counted from one to eight without any mistakes or hesitations. Now I've noticed that she counts all of the time. She loves to count and can count to at least ten (that I've heard).

- knows her colors now. She use to say that everything was yellow, but not anymore. I have heard her correctly refer to pink, green, blue, yellow and several others.

- has officially discovered Disney princesses. She has actually watched The Little Mermaid, Cinderella and Aladdin several times. I tried putting Snow White on for her, but she lost interest. We also attempted Sleeping Beauty but she was a little distracted at the time.

- wants to wear her Disney princess nightgowns all the time and sometimes I have to fight her to get her dressed in the morning. On the weekends if we don't have to leave the house, I'll let her wear it all day. She loves it!

- likes to give things to Gwen and then take them back like thirty seconds later. Gwen cries everytime :-(

- will repeat almost anything you ask her to say and if you find it funny, she'll remember and say it randomly at another time, just to make you laugh.

- does this studdering type of thing sometimes when she has a whole lot to say but can't get it out as quickly as she is thinking. The pediatrician says this is very common with three year olds, but because Christina is advanced in her speech, she is experiencing it early on. She is doing wonderful with talking and you can have real conversations with her. She speaks in almost all sentences, except for the rare occasions when she decides to say "goo-goo, ga-ga" so that she can pretend to be a baby. Seriously, she does this, which confuses me. But, it is really rare and I'm sure it will pass.

- loves to point at her Disney princesses (if they are on her purse, her nightgown or a sticker, it doesn't matter) and ask individually who each one is - even though she already knows all of their names.

- tells us "I want to walk like a big girl" whenever we try to carry her anywhere and she wants to get down.

- loves music and dancing. Sometimes when there is music on while she is in her highchair, she tells me she wants to get down so that she can dance. She likes to get up on the fireplace or the ottoman in the living room and dance with or even without her Dora microphone.

- still sits in a highchair. You just can't get that girl to sit still unless you strap her down! lol

- hops around like a frog for fun sometimes.

- likes to cuddle with Daddy on the couch to delay going to bed.

- likes to watch "Friends" with Mommy and Daddy and will even ask for it by name.

- consistently goes to sleep right after we put her in her bed, no matter what time it is.

- sleeps in a big girl bed!!! Her first night was Thursday, February 24th and did wonderful. She had no problems from the get-go and loves to sleep in her "big girl bed".

- gets ridiculous static on her hair (it is getting so long!)

- loves books! This is great because for so long she had no interest in them.

- randomly shouts out "boobies" or "my boobies right there" and points of course. I think this has gone on so long because it is really hard not to laugh when she says it. We are going to have to get control of ourselves though because she is starting to say this in public, lol.

- has told me a few times recently "I need a haircut". I'm not completely sure where she got this from, but it is very cute. She has actually never had a haircut and I don't see myself running out to get her one anytime soon.

- continues to love her accessories. She loves to walk around with a purse, sunglasses, bracelets and hats.

- had her first real phone conversation last week. She usually asks for the phone when someone she loves is on the other line, but never actually had a real conversation until last week. She was talking to Grandma and they went back and forth for a good five to ten minutes. Christina of course talked about her favorite things (M&Ms and presents) and what she was going to be doing that day. It was awesome.

- loves to sing and I have caught her recently singing "Mary had a little lamb" and "Jingle Bell" on her own.

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