Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More poems?

And here we go again . . .

exit: Bold

you dare
to scream with your body
and whimper out your mouth
that you're going
far away

you have the nerve
to shed a tear
when you see pure shock
expertly etched
onto my face

you have the audacity
to blow a kiss
let out a goodbye
in-between sobs
turn around
and sigh

you dare to go
and you go

for good

-Brian Schmutz

Schmutz? I'm not totally convinced that isn't a fake name. But, I like the poem either way. This poem is made up of all the gooey love/hate stuff that I use to write about when I was in high school. Short, to the point thoughts - just my style. Of course once I hit college I was taught to add more detail and that is when my poems became LOOOOONG thoughts and descriptions rather than short.to the point. I actually really like both styles and I think it is cool that I can look back at my writing from both of those points in my life.


When girls meant yuck
and friends were new
Dreams were unshattered
and worries few

When recess was too short
and life too long
Decisions came easy
Without the need to belong

When storks delivered babies
and passions weren't so strong
Friendships weren't broken
Right was right
Wrong was wrong

When bad things didn't happen
When only skinned knees
brough tears to our eyes
and the night light
in it's socket
quieted our fears

When farewell meant
just for the summer
And real friends didn't part
the fun went on forever
And never left a broken heart.

-Author unknown

This couldn't possibly be one of mine. I can't really rhyme. Not one of my strong suits.

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