Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Write it down baby,

I found some old journal's while looking through a box marked "stuff to save", in the basement. I love or should I say use to love to write in journals. Since I had children, I haven't really made time for it, but I know if I get going again, I will really enjoy it. I think this blog was suppose to take the place of a journal, but honestly it isn't the same. I have to write things down to remember to blog about them. It is rare that I can just pull up my blog and start writing from scratch. It is much easier to at least start something on paper, even if it is just an idea. I have often "written" posts in my head while driving, taking a shower, or laying in bed nursing my baby. Too bad I forget those entries before I have a chance to get on the computer.

Lately I've been keeping notes on my phone about things I want to post. When you have little one's that are growing at such a rapid rate, it is essential to keep notes on what they are doing and when. That is to say, if you want to remember them. Of course "remembering" for me is not an option. I hate that I can't remember anything, but hope that writing everything down, or blogging about it will at least help me relive the great moments. The photo's and video's do a great job of that as well.

Ok, so back to those journals . . . boy are they entertaining. I wrote about day to day activites and included emails that meant something to me. I sketched a little, even though I can't draw at all, and I included poems - my own or not. Reading these journals really inspires me to start writing again. Is it too late to say it is my New Years Resolution?

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