Monday, March 7, 2011

Daycare and germs - hand and hand

When Christina was in daycare, back in New Jersey, she got sick all of the time. That poor girl had RSV twice and Pneumonia several times. She was always sick. We lived at the pediatrician's and I missed a lot of work. Everyone asked if she was in daycare and basically assumed that she got sick all of the time because all kids in daycare get sick. It didn't occur to me that maybe she got very sick because of this particular daycare. Or maybe I just think like that now because her current daycare is soooo different.

Gwen and Christina have been going to daycare here in Georgia since August. Winter here is basically over and guess what? no one has gotten RSV or Pneumonia!! Sure, they've had colds, runny noses and the occassional fever. But, neither of them had ear infections or anything troublesome enough to take them to the pediatrican. At first I thought Gwen just didn't get as sick as CC and CC just got lucky this year, but nope, that isn't it.

The girls go to an awesome daycare. The daycare is clean and as germ free as a daycare could possibly get. It's not like the other one wasn't clean, but it is obvious that more effort goes into keeping this daycare clean, compared to the old daycare. In Gwen's room, the teachers are required to wipe each baby's hands with an antibacterial wipe before and after eating or having a bottle. I believe they do the same after a diaper change. I know for a fact they did not do this at the old daycare. Actually, I was concerned that the teachers themselves weren't washing their own hands well enough, let alone washing the kids hands.

When I go into Gwen's classroom I see a bunch of happy, healthy babies. When Christina was that age, I would walk into her classroom on a winter day and see runny noses and hear coughs so bad that made me cringe. Wow, what a difference. I'm so greatful that the girls are spending their days in a much cleaner place. I don't know if this is something most parents think of when choosing a daycare. I guess you want to assume that every daycare is as clean as it can be, but it just isn't true. It makes a world of difference though. I kind of wish I could go back and do something to keep CC from getting so sick all of the time.

But hey, if I'm gonna wish for stuff, I've got a few more things I wouldn't mind adding. But enough of that. Heading to bed now. Goodnight!


  1. Maybe its because its colder here longer but either way I'm glad to hear they are at a better place and are healthy beautiful girls.


  2. Hey Megan, That's one of the things that I thought about when picking a daycare. . LOL! Although, I do have to say, all the hand washing has been drying out her hands. I may need to send lotion. LOL!


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