Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Packing is fun!

I had to pack for my upcoming trip to NJ and decided to start last night.  Ultimately I ended up looking through my entire wardrobe and organizing every article of clothing I own.

I don't know why I take a simple task like throwing clothes into a suitcase and bring it to a whole new level which includes separating shirts into: tanks, short sleeved, long sleeved, sweater pull over, sweater button down and bottoms into: jeans, warm pants, pants that don't fit, pants that I don't like, capri's, shorts, dresses, skirts, short skirts (that I will never wear again I'm sure), and other pants that don't belong in the other categories. Let's not also forget jackets/blazers and suits.
My pants all neatly organized . .

Not yet organized, huh, what a mess!

More to organize . . .

I do know that halfway into this little exercise, I realized I have waaaay too much winter clothes and I am somehow missing my entire summer skirt collection. Moving from NJ to GA last year meant that I was way over prepared for winter and way under prepared for summer. In fact, I have tons of sweaters that I can't wear at all in Georgia. It just doesn't get cold enough here.

Look at the ridiculous amounts of winter clothes I have. 

More fleece!

By midnight last night, I was taking pictures of all articles of clothing heading for the suitcase so that I could load it into my super awesome ClosetLovin app on my phone.  By the time I was finished with that, I had to call it quits and didn't come close to finishing what I had started.

But one more thing I learned from this night is that I am really overdue for some new summer clothes (or new clothes in general).  I still have clothes from college and yikes! high school.  Now I just have to work a bunch of overtime to fund my much needed shopping spree!

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