Sunday, July 10, 2011

Saturday fun day fail

Yesterday morning I decided that it was about time I took the girls to the pool.  I had been putting it off, partially because I knew it would be difficult to do by myself and partially because I'm not big on the pool since I prefer to just stay in my nicely air conditioned house.  Something about Saturday morning made me really want to give it a shot though.

I started planting the idea seed with the kids soon after we woke up.  They both seemed into it.  (Well, let's face it, Gwen probably didn't know what I was talking about.)  Since I am well aware of our weekend routine, I knew I had to get us all ready quickly and out the door, otherwise we might get stuck with meals, naps, diaper changes/potty breaks, etc and never make it to the pool.  We all had to have breakfast, get our bathing suits on, get slathered in sunscreen, and then I had to grab the necessary items to take with us.  Of course there was a diaper change or two thrown in there as well.  I was moving as fast as I could, really, I was, but ultimately (what always happens) is that just as we had our shoes on, ready to walk out, Gwen threw her arms up and gave me that sad and pouty face along with her hunger declaring cry.  We missed our chance.  Gwen needed to nurse and take her morning nap.  Damn, so close!

I had two choices, I could nurse her quickly (she is very fast!) and then just take her to the pool anyway, even though I knew she needed a nap or I could let her take the nap after she nursed and wait until she woke up to go to the pool.  I chose the latter.  So that I could make it fun for CC without getting her upset about delaying the pool, I put on a movie.

By the time we were walking out the door, it was lunch time.  If we had stayed for lunch, that would have meant more time for me to cook, more time for the kids to eat (they eat slooooooow), more time to clean them up (they are very messy) and then it would be CC's nap time.  She takes 3 hour naps. Enough said.  Off to the pool with empty stomach's we went.  I packed some snacks and figured we could always come back if we got too hungry.  The pool is practically a stones throw away from our house.

I threw Gwen in the stroller and hauled a huge bag full of everything we could possibly need, while trying to keep CC from walking too far ahead or behind us, down the road (and the huge hill), to the pool.  We got in, found a spot in the shade, and set our things down.  We got cover ups off, kicked off our shoes and headed to the water.  Then the thunder started.  Yep, thunder, as in a big storm was headed our way and it could start pouring at any moment.  Or worse yet, crazy lightening could start coming down all around us and we could get trapped with no way to get home.  Ok, so maybe that is less likely, but hey, we have been having some crazy storms lately and who knows what the weather might bring.

Anyway, at least we got to eat lunch.  I was hu-un-gry!


  1. Hey next time you want to go to the pool maybe I can come by and help out with the girls <3 Mindy

  2. It never fails... does it????
    -Lina Christian


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